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Another week, another #fail

A few weeks ago, my “friendly” registrar completely messed up my zone file, last week Websense decided my blog was spam and this week yours truly managed to change his domain password without realizing the change would break all scheduled jobs, including RSS feed update (I have to do some extra mangling due to Blogger’s lack of features). Takeaway: try to minimize the number of systems and services used in your solution (this conclusion should be very familiar to those that attended my Next-generation IP Services webinar) ... and prefer Linux over Windows ;)

Unfortunately the three failures had a common pattern: they affected at least 10% of my readers (as judged by the traffic statistics), but in all three cases a single user (thank you, Igor, Dan and @windexh8er) reported the problem ... hundreds of others decided they don’t care enough to fire off a simple e-mail saying “Hey, Ivan, you have a problem.”

If you spot a problem with my blog that doesn’t go away in a few hours, could you please send me a short e-mail? It’s simply impossible to test all potential environments; for example, the CNAME problems affected only a few (the most compliant) DNS servers and we use Ironport, not Websense.

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