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Advanced DMVPN webinar: new content description

I have arrived to San Jose for the Net Field Day 2010 and I’m totally jet-lagged. Nine hour time difference and being awake for 24 hours after spending 15 hours in airplanes totally fried my brains, so instead of trying to write another technical blog post, let me just tell you about the changes I made to the DMVPN: Advanced And Crazy Scenarios webinar description (register here).

As I started developing the webinar, I had a pretty good idea about the topics I wanted to cover and created what seemed to be a good content outline. However, as I started to develop individual topics and dived deep into the DMVPN problems, the material somehow started to self-reorganize to make the flow better and all of a sudden the description I wrote was out-of-sync with the reality. That’s fixed now ... and if you’re familiar with the old outline, you’ll see that the new one makes more sense as it closely ties the DMVPN phases with the scalability problems you have to solve.


  1. Link to new description ("new one") seems to be broken Ivan.
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