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IOSHints Live San Jose 2010 with Etherealmind

I have fantastic news for the engineers attending the IOSHints Live event in San Jose: Greg Ferro (of Etherealmind and Packet Pushers fame) will join me as co-presenter in the Data Center session. This will ensure a lively discussion as we sometimes have different perspectives on Data Center technologies and architectures (one of us supposedly lives in an ivory tower and the other one is a perpetual skeptic) and we’ll enjoy analyzing various network designs you’ll bring with you from multiple angles.

With Greg on board, we’ll definitely jump deep into FCoE and DCB waters, hear a few lovely words about Checkpoint firewalls and discuss the potential merits of vFabric.

Register here or read more about the event.


  1. Ah yes, the Checkpoint Heisenberg Uncertainty Firewall... you can know how it's configured, but not what it will do.
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