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First ever Ioshints Live event (San Jose, September 2010)

Webinars are great (say most of the attendees ;) but I miss meeting people. Webinars are just the right mechanism for brief technology updates, overviews or in-depth configuration discussions, but it’s nearly impossible to do a lively design discussion involving a reasonably-sized group of engineers over the web. The desire to do a live event was thus slowly brewing for almost a year and finally turned into reality: on September 15th you can join me in San Jose for the first ever Ioshints Live event.

We’ll discuss two hot topics: data centers (I simply had to use the vapor word in the title) and VPN solutions. Both sessions will be focused on design issues and your real-life needs. The registration is open; if you decide to join us for the whole day, just register for both sessions.


  1. I would have come by but it looks like you are charging to attend. I was hoping this was a community sharing event not a money making event for someone.
  2. Dear Your Name Here!

    I'm all for communities and sharing ... but this activity usually works best when it's reciprocal. So, shall we start with our names?

    Next, I've shared an awful lot of my knowledge with you in the last few years in this blog, our wiki and my articles. I'd love to know what you've shared with us in the meantime. It could be you're one of my fellow bloggers in disguise or one of the many people who helped me make my blog better, in which case I would be delighted to buy you a beer or two.

    I understand that you believe in true sharing and don't want to attend money making events, so you could step forward, say "hey, Ivan, some of us would just like to have a chat, can we sit down somewhere in the evening and enjoy ourselves", and organize the event. If you decide to do so, I would be glad to attend. In the meantime, please excuse me if I'm trying to find interesting ways to pay my bills.

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