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It’s truly a sad day

When Cisco’s white paper calls bridging Routing at Layer-2. I’ve come to expect gimmicks like this from startups trying to woo clueless customers, but Cisco had so far kept to a certain level of correctness at least in their technical documents. One can only wonder what’s next in the industry-wide drive to try to persuade us that square pegs can easily fit into round holes.

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  1. It seems that there a lot of L2 routing protocol standards coming soon that do essentially the same thing: Routing Ethernet using modified IS-IS. It will be interesting to see how they play out.

  2. I know it's still just bridging but since they are using IS-IS and able to do some things normally done at Layer 3 (no blocked ports, ECMP, SPF) it kind of makes sense (if you're in marketing ;) ) to call it routing at Layer 2.


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