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Interesting links (2010-07-04)

After my STP-is-like-hand-grenade tweet, several friends sent me links to All Systems Down: an epic STP fail. I am positive smaller STP failures happen on a daily basis, but are fixed too fast to be honored with an extensive case study. Nevertheless, vendors are furiously trying to persuade you that L2 switching (formerly known as bridging) is the sexiest thing since Paris Hilton, the last one being Cisco with its FabricPath announcement. Some of us will definitely enjoy the show ...

Another long-term grudge of mine got somewhat more fact-based: Nielsen study supposedly reported that 6% of mobile users cause 50% of the traffic. While this could cause some more people to believe that tiered data plans (or usage caps) might make sense, I am positive this issue will continue going the way global warming went years ago.

And, last but definitely not least, there’s another Packet Pushers podcast well worth listening to. Where else could someone start discussing new ASA 8.3 features only to realize a minute later that he’s praising the virtues of Cisco IOS Zone Based Firewalls? If only they would have remembered to mention my ZBF book ;)


  1. One big L2 domain nation-wide, that's the answer :) *doh*
  2. We got close to your dreams ... remember when CLNS was almost chosen as IPNG?
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