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Extremely off-topic: Another recognition of my work

Regular readers of my blog might remember that I’ve hard-earned a prestigious “Certified Religious Bovine Professional” title after getting into the firewall holy cows debate.

This time, my bridging/TRILL-focused posts earned me the distinguished “old-school network guru from an Ivory Tower” designation, together with a bit of a career advice (“Dont be the guy saying 'No' to DC virtualization from your Ivory Tower”)... or it could be that Brad Hedlund had someone else in mind and I’m just a presumptuous GONER; after all, there are hundreds of people writing about DC bridging these days.

Anyhow, on the odd chance that I was included in that honored group, Brad didn’t need to worry about my career:

  • We (NIL Data Communications) have been using VMware server virtualization since 2002, when we started using it for non-critical IT services. At the same time, we’ve deployed a SAN network to support VM migration between physical servers.
  • Server virtualization is one of the cornerstones of our scalable remote labs implementation; the first remote labs using virtualization were the security labs supporting CCSP curriculum in 2003;
  • At the moment, we have only two or three bare-metal servers; every else is virtualized.
  • We’re heavy users of VMotion and VMware power optimizations. After all, running 800 physical devices in a remote lab environment consumes a lot of power and we’re turning off everything we can when it’s not used (including physical servers, routers and switches).
  • Based on our hands-on experience with server virtualization, we’ve created the NIL Hypercenter architecture, where we try to balance the needs for security, management and business agility.
  • Based on our investment in VMware technologies, we’re VMWare Enterprise Partner and VMWare Authorized Consultant Gold Partner. Likewise, we’re Authorized Technology Provider for Data Center Unified Computing (UCS) and a few other bits and pieces.
  • Last but not least, we’re offering our own IT-as-an-infrastructure cloud service for over a year. Obviously, everything we do there is virtualized and (just as a side-remark) we’re just now introducing Cisco UCS into that environment.

Yeah, I know all this is blatant self-promotion (and a shouting match ... but then the title warned you it’s all off-topic), but sometimes one has to mention that he has a bit more than an academic background.

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  1. Hi Ivan,
    There is nothing wrong with those reactions. You criticize bad practice and methodologies, those, who responsible for it answer in a way they can. Since they got no chance to beat you as a professional, they sometimes find the way just to hurt your feelings. It’s a tolerable consequence and should only prove your rightness.
    Same goes for you “Ivory tower suicidal jump" : )

  2. Thank you. The "suicidal jump" made my day 8-)

    As for "hurt feelings", there are none. I find it rather amusing.

  3. You can hiss at each other on Twitter all you like, but a blog post gives you lots of room to tell the story.

    OK Brad, your turn. time get blogging lad.

  4. BTW: Any more of this and you'll be joining the bovine in the restaurant at the end of the universe..