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Data Center 3.0 for Networking Engineers

My next webinar is covering the topics I wanted to address for over half a year, but never found time to do it: the facts and the hype in the Data Center as seen from the perspective of a networking engineer. I was planning to run it sometime in autumn, but the recent TRILL-focused hype has prompted me to schedule it sooner.

In two hours (probably slightly more, my two-hour webinars are usually almost three hours long), we’ll cover:

  • Storage technologies and protocols, including iSCSI and FCoE;
  • Server virtualization, including virtual machine mobility and high-availability;
  • Differences between routing and bridging (including VLANs and PVLANs) and the need for layer-3 routing in Data Center;
  • Emerging technologies, including TRILL, DCB, L2MP and LISP;
  • Multi-site considerations and transport options (DWDM, VPLS, MPLS/VPN and OTV).

Follow this link to register for the Data Center webinar ... and let me conclude with excellent news: this is the first time I’ve got multiple registrations before even announcing the webinar.

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