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What do lead times, Telepresence, licensing, Dynamips, OTV and kids have in common?

Short answer: Amy, Ethan, Greg and Jeremy (in alphabetical order, just in case you wondered).

Long answer: Listen to the Packet Pushers Podcast (to be forever known as PPP) #8

Yesterday I decided to get some gym climbing after a long spell of bad weather and PPP#8 was ideal companion for the drive (driving and listening to PPP#7 where those crazy guys were discussing Enterprise MPLS might not be a good idea). They started with incredibly long lead times on popular boxes (nothing new if you’ve been in the industry long enough, we had them when Cisco shipped the 4000-series routers in the previous millennium), jumped to Telepresence and IOS licensing ... and finished with the really important question whether you should encourage the geekiness in your kids; all together a nice medley of interesting topics.

Note to Ethan: This is the best ISR G2 licensing document I found so far.
Note to Cisco Marketing: You know you can do better than that.
Note to Cisco CA (or whoever owns this tool): Feature Navigator is BROKEN (when applied to release 15.0) and thus useless to figure out which license I need for ISR G2.


  1. The podcast is fantastic!
  2. Read this Huawei discussion on NSP when it was going on a month ago. Amusing, no idea if anything is correct. =-O
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