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Upcoming webinars (2010-05-09)

Date US, Canada,
Europe, Africa,
Middle East
Asia, Pacific
May 12th Choose the optimal VPN service
07:00 (San Francisco), 10:00 (New York), 16:00 (Paris)
June 16th Building IPv6 Service Provider Core
10:00 (Paris), 12:00 (Moscow), 18:00 (Sydney)
Market Trends in Service Provider Networks
09:00 (New York), 15:00 (Paris), 14:00 (London)

Other webinars in the pipeline:

  • Next-generation IP Services
  • DMVPN: The crazy scenarios
  • Introduction to Data Center 2.0
  • Enterprise IPv6 Deployment
  • Embedded Event Manager: Basics
  • Embedded Event Manager: Advanced Topics


  1. The list looks pretty good. You should also put a package offer for those you are interested in all of these....
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