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Seven reasons to attend the Next-Generation IP Services webinar

When I’ve asked you to help me fix the webinar marketing based on the results of the Market Trends in Service Provider Networks event, a few readers pointed out that I’m advertising a high-level topic to a wrong audience. However, I firmly believe (and the attendees agreed with me) that a successful engineer has to understand the bigger picture (the environment she’s working in and the forces that shape it), not just from the broader technology perspective (addressed by the Market Trends in Service Provider Networks webinar) but also from the “vertical” (integration) perspective.

I’ve designed the Next Generation IP Services to help you get there and here are a few reasons why you might want to attend:

  • Sooner or later, every networking engineer will have to integrate server virtualization, cloud computing or mashup applications in his network ... or provide secure access to external services.
  • Unfortunately not everyone has the time (or opportunity) for extensive research before being asked by the manager to provide a relevant solution. The webinar will give you the framework that you can later expand on your own.
  • Although there’s a lot of information about these topics available on the Internet, collecting good information takes a lot of time (and quite often the articles are written by product managers trying to sell their products or solutions). By attending this webinar you’ll get an overview of several important technology areas in two hours.
  • It’s hard to build comprehensive and accurate understanding based on sometimes deliberately obscured marketing messages (and cloud computing is a highly hyped term).
  • The webinar tries to give you an honest engineering perspective on the topics it covers. I would only shoot myself in the foot by promoting a specific vendor or technology. Disclaimer: I do address VMware-specific terms or the architecture of Cisco UCS, as they might be relevant to your job.
  • NIL (the company I work with) has been using server virtualization for 10 years, first in remote lab environment and then in our production network. We have implemented SAN in our production network in 2002, so we’ve gained a bit of hands-on experience with these technologies.
  • Last but not least, I have been developing web applications in parallel with designing and implementing complex networks for the last 20 years and have been bitten by numerous Web 2.0 issues, so I can share a few of the caveats with you.

So, if you think you need firm understanding of the basics of server virtualization, cloud computing and Web 2.0-enabling technologies (including AJAX and mashups), register for the next session.

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