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Followup: Choose the Optimal VPN Service

It took me even longer than usual to process the feedback from the Choose the Optimal VPN Service webinar; all the things happening in May (from having numerous presentations to climbing my hardest route ever) left me mentally and physically exhausted. The webinar was great success and although we’ve covered nine VPN technologies in just over two hours, we’ve managed not to get lost ... and the Q&A session at the end took almost 45 minutes, clearly a good indication that the students were engaged and wanted to understand all the intricate details. Here are two quotes from the participants:

Great session. Enjoyed the compare/contrast approach and feel that this approach gets to the critical issues most quickly.

Bob Dixon

It was good. I can’t wait for the recordings and the configuration examples. I’d like a single session about DMVPN, it has a lot of tricks.

Enrique Villa Crespo

Enrique’s wish is coming true; I’m already planning the “Advanced and Crazy DMVPN designs”.

If you’ve missed this session, register for the next one.

And here’s the usual table with the webinar evaluation results:

Overall, I was satisfied with this web session 4,61
This session was a worthwhile investment 4,66
Based on this experience, I would recommend this session to others Yes (100%)
Based on this experience, I would you attend another similar sessionYes (100%)
Considering other educational experiences, I would rate this session4,55
Instructor score (3 questions) 4,72
Course materials (5 questions) 4,52

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1 comment:

  1. Enrique Villa31 May, 2010 21:06

    Nice to see the DMVPN webinar coming, I´ll send you my feedback as soon as I have a bit of free time.

    Keep on the good job, Ivan.



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