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Miracle: OSPFv3 supports multiple address families

I never believed I would see this: OSPF is becoming a multi-protocol routing protocol. RFC 5838 specifies how you can redefine the instance ID field in OSPFv3 to support four address families (IPv6 and IPv4 unicast+multicast).

A month ago, I would have added CLNP and IPX to the list; unfortunately they’ve missed that particular window of opportunity ;)

It looks like this feature currently runs in PowerPoint and in a very-limited-availability image (if you’ve seen it working on an actual box, let me know).


  1. Ha! Your articles are worth reading, but I somehow always take just one sentence from them! I will blatantly steal and reuse this one.

    > feature currently runs in PowerPoint

    /me likes it!
  2. I stumbled on the fact that in Junos OSPFv3 can support IPv4 as well, just as IS-IS. Looking for interoperability with Cisco, I found this page.

    Do you know if we now can use OSPFv3 as well as IS-IS to have both IPv6 and IPv4 in one protocol?
  3. RFC 5838 support is supposedly available in 15.2(1)T. Haven't tried it yet.
  4. Finaly, it works! I've tried it at Cat6500 (15.1(1)SY) in ASR1k (15.2(2)S2) and Juniper MX (12.2R4)
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