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Building IPv6 Service Provider Core: the survey results

I’m yet again late processing the survey results for my last webinar; we took our kids to vacations two days after the event and I’m still trying to cope with everything that accumulated while I was gone. Here are several wonderful quotes from the surveys:

I have attended a few Cisco venues like Networkers and Topgun seminars but I felt this was far better. For me (I implemented IPv6 duals-stack in our MPLS core about a year ago) it was easy to follow and I knew most parts. But there were a few new tricks for me as well.

Jon Harald Bøvre

The presentation was well prepared and communicated. I like the WebEX platform choice. In addition, I appreciated how detailed the presentation was and the downloadable configuration files. I've already signed up for "Choosing the Optimal VPN" class in March.

Christopher Hunt

Not very much useful information for what I do (we are a small/mid sized ISP). We don't do any MPLS as there is no reason. However for the price, it was fine information.

Chris Bissell

Good overview of a fairly complex topic.

Daniel Anderson

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The grades were pretty much in line with my other courses (although as Bad designer pointed out, take them with a grain of salt) with audio remaining a hot issue.

Overall, I was satisfied with this web session4,5
This session was a worthwhile investment4,9
Based on this experience, I would recommend this session to othersYes (91%)
Based on this experience, I would you attend another similar sessionYes (100%)
Considering other educational experiences, I would rate this session4,5
Instructor score (3 questions)4,93
Course materials (5 questions)4,76

To address the audio issues, I’ve tried numerous headsets and standalone microphones to get the best possible audio quality on my end (Logitech headset proved to be the best option). Webex claims you don’t need more than 64 kbps with static slides, so I’m positive everyone had enough bandwidth. The recordings (taken on Webex servers, not locally) are also quite good (apart from the Tin Man effect), so it looks like the audio problems are caused by local congestion/QoS issues that I cannot influence.

One of the participants suggested using a voice conference bridge; unfortunately, the one provided by Webex is prohibitively expensive for the current pricing and I doubt you’d be willing to make a 2-hour call to Central Europe.


  1. Hum.. the last time i was participating in webex call i was able to change audio settings and increase the amount of voice buffering to improve the quality but to sacrifice a delay, which helped me to understand host more clearly (i was connected over poor wireless connection). The thing is.. i cannot remember exactly where i found that setting.. I joined the webex demo just now to find it, but the mentioned parameter is not among the settings I'm able to set. I believe it is so due to the settings of the session. Also searched through webex docs site but i wasn't able to find any info about buffer settings.
    So in general that could be done on the client site to improve audio, but it looks like i'll have to wait for another webex session to be able to report where to find that particular setting.
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