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Market trends in SP networks: the survey results

The Market trends in Service Provider networks webinar happened just a few days before my winter vacations, so it took me a while to process the post-session survey results (actually, my paperwork day pushed me to do it). Here are the results:

Overall, I was satisfied with this web session 4,8
This session was a worthwhile investment 4,8
Based on this experience, I would recommend this session to others Yes (100%)
Based on this experience, I would you attend another similar session Yes (100%)
Considering other educational experiences, I would rate this session 4,4
Instructor score (3 questions) 4,93
Course materials (5 questions) 4,76

The Eventbrite registration system got a high-five (not surprisingly, it’s an excellent system) and Webex got 4.0 due to not so good voice quality experienced by some participants.


  1. nice results.. but quick question based on human nature and certainly not taking anything away from your skill :-).. but I always wondered...

    Once in a course or similar and you get to know someone it becomes v difficult to give bad results, in particular, if it is life effecting in some way such as bonuses or future work etc. In fact one can argue that you should get high results just for high effort with integrity.

    I know in ciscoland for bingos, once i realised bonuses were based on them I was always going to give 5s if possible for any competent+ work, despite my anti communism feelings.

    maybe its just me?
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