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Cisco TelePresence Calculator

It’s pretty hard to sell something to people who haven’t realized they need it. My workshops and Cisco TelePresence are perfect examples. While I’m struggling to find the right approach, infinitely more resourceful Cisco’s marketing created an ideal tool: the Cisco TelePresence Calculator.

After answering a few vague questions (with each answer spanning almost an order of magnitude), the magic oracle gives you a precise ROI period, the amount of carbon dioxide avoided (down to the fifth decimal) and the equivalent number of tree seedlings (accurate to at least 6 digits). No doubt the PHB will be delighted; and since only a lowly life form with a mundane engineering mindset would dare to question the results, the sale is almost guaranteed.


  1. This TP calculator is the funniest website I have seen in my daily "browsing [email protected]" :-)
  2. Good old Chinese math coming from Cisco.
  3. Blasphemy!!!
    Its highly complex calculation algorithm developed by the finest minds in Cisco, who are always willing to make our live on this planet better! Now compare what YOU have done for this planet!


    p.s. my calculated annual savings in travel is $4.06 m, will they give me the money if I clicked everything correctly and my travel budget is orders of magnitude lower?
  4. Well if 2 persons from the office use the telepresence for 2 hour every day it will save me approximately 700,000. Wow can I get the money back in equipment !!!!!!!!!
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