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Building IPv6 Service Provider Core: Follow-up questions

I’ve received several follow-up questions after announcing the Building IPv6 Service Provider core webinar. Two were extremely easy:

Q: Can I register after April 5th?
A: Yes, you can. The registration deadline for all my webinars is 1 day before the event.

Q: Is this a Webex event (not a presentation on a location)?
A: Yes, a webinar is a web-delivered event (and I’m in fact using Webex). You can be anywhere in the world, as long as you have a decent Internet connection (we’re using VoIP).

The third one was a bit trickier:

Q: We are looking at moving to IPv6 within our Enterprise. Would this training give us clearer insight into that?

A: This webinar assumes you already know the IPv6 basics (addressing, routing). If your network is big enough that you use BGP or MPLS internally, you'd definitely benefit from this training, but it covers primarily the backbone part and a few select access issues. If your network is smaller (so you don’t use BGP internally) or you don’t know enough about IPv6, I would recommend standard Cisco’s IPv6 training courses.

And don’t forget: the webinar is less than a month away. Register now.

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