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First impressions: Market Trends in SP Networks presentation

Thursday’s “Market trends in Service Provider networks” webinar was even better than I’ve hoped for. The audience was great: mostly System Engineers with 5+ years of networking experience, so we spent more time on interesting details.

The presentation was initially targeted at sales support teams or account managers, but with attendees like I had in this session I could really go as far beyond the slides as needed.

Let me just share two quotes from the evaluation forms with you (the final results will require a bit of Excel massaging):

“The main goal of the stated objective has been achieved - unclutter the marketing hype from the technological alternatives”

Hristo Penev

“It was great presentation, with detailed information on current trends on SP market.”

Anonymous student

If you’ve missed this one, register for the next session ... and don’t forget: The next webinar explains how various VPN solutions really work.

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