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Most visited topics in 2009

Try to guess: how many of the posts I wrote in 2009 have made it to the top-10 most visited blog page list? The answer is surprising: just one (the “Cisco VPN client on Windows 7” post I’ve already mentioned); eight out of ten most popular posts were written in 2007. Here’s the list of the most visited pages in my blog (apart from the home page, which got close to 200.000 pageviews throughout the year):

There’s a very good explanation for this somewhat unexpected behavior: the recent topics are read primarily by my regular readers (for example, the OSPF-to-BGP redistribution post got approximately half of its visits from the regular readers), while the basic topics I wrote in the past get most of their traffic from Google and other search engines (the AS-path prepending post got 90% of its traffic from Google).

The obvious conclusion: if you want to make money blogging about internetworking topics, write about very basic ones. No wonder; the same is true in the Cisco training business: the biggest revenue makers are people offering CCNA and CCNP courses.

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