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The best of 2009

I never imagined that the best-visited post written in 2009 (according to Google Analytics) would be Cisco VPN client in 64-bit Windows 7, which got almost 10 times as many pageviews as the next one (IOS fossils: OSPF-to-BGP redistribution). The other top-10 posts were:

And here’s the list of the most commented posts (those that had more than 20 comments):

I’m constantly amazed by the high quality of your comments (it’s very rare to find an off-topic or irrelevant one) and it’s great to see that half of the posts in the list are deeply technical.

The data is somewhat skewed, as the introduction of JS-Kit-based comments in summer resulted in significant increase in the number of comments. Obviously most of the readers who wanted to make a comment before the change got totally frustrated by the Blogger’s masterpiece implementation.

We migrated our blog a few days ago, and the commenting functionality is not there yet. In the meantime enjoy the older comments, or find our content on LinkedIn and comment there.


  1. Talking about tunneling Kool-aid. I think L2 remains better than L3 on OTN. What do you think about this debate that was started by Cisco's man in the land downunder?