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Add vendor-specific MIBs to Wireshark

When I was testing EEM SNMP integration, I wanted to decode the SNMP traps sent by the router with Wireshark. Wireshark performed wonderfully, but could not decode the Cisco-specific object IDs used in the traps. I knew I had to download Cisco-specific MIB files and install them in Wireshark, but doing that proved a bit harder than expected … and the Wireshark and NetSNMP documentation was not too helpful.

EEM-SNMP integration is described in the Embedded Event Manager (EEM) workshop. You can attend an online version of the workshop; we can also organize a dedicated event for your networking team.

You can find the final results of my struggles in the “Add MIB files to Wireshark SNMP decoder” article in the CT3 wiki.

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