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Online presentations: technical details

Danny sent me an interesting question about my “Market trends in Service Provider networks” presentation: “I have never attended or seen this sort of webinar event, is this purely web based with video or will it seem like a WebEx type meeting presentation?

Obviously “webinar” was a wrong name. I hate “e-learning” (tells you about as much as “cloud computing”), “Internet-based lecture” sounds awful, and I obviously chose yet another meaningless buzzword.

Here’s what’s going to happen: it will be a live presentation delivered over the Internet using WebEx with one-way voice delivered through VoIP. You’ll see the slides and additional markup that I’ll put on them, but not my talking head … not (only) because I look ugly but (primarily) because the talking head just eats the bandwidth.

You’ll be able to ask (actually type) questions in real time and I will address them either immediately, during the breaks or after the presentation (don’t worry, I always book enough time in the virtual classroom to address anything content-related that might pop up).

To attend, you’ll need a working web browser (depending on the actual platform used, you might need Java or custom applet) and an Internet connection with at least 128 kbps of spare bandwidth (256 kbps will make the experience more enjoyable).

All live WebEx sessions are recorded. You can watch a streamed WebEx recording at any time after the session; you also get access to all recordings of past sessions of the same webinar immediately after the registration.

Update 2011-09-23: Added information about recordings.


  1. Can you put a test video up? I want to check if my iPad supports it :-)
  2. Curious why no where does it mention if I can watch it later on my own time?
  3. Yes, you can watch a recording at any time. For webinars that have run in the past, you can watch the recordings even before the live session.

    Thanks for the feedback, will fix the post.
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