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Let me help you with your budget

I don’t know how your financial year works out; in Central Europe most companies’ financial year coincides with the calendar year. November and December are thus crazy planning/budgeting months, with pointy-haired bosses (myself included) trying to reduce expenses. Training is frequently one of the most exposed items and getting training funds outside of the budget is usually close to Mission: Impossible. Lesson: plan well what you want to spend in the next year.

Have I mentioned that I’m creating a number of WebEx-delivered workshops (we can also arrange on-site events)? Most of them are designed as high-level overview presentations (for whatever reason people think I can create a presentation that’s not too technical but still stays far away from High-Level-Bulls**t) and I would love to do a few really in-depth ones (assuming I can get enough participants). If you want to attend them in the next year, use the following NTE budgetary pricing:

  • €30 ($45)/hour/participant (two attendees @ 2-hour presentation = € 120);
  • €200 ($300)/hour for a private on-line workshop (up to 10 participants).
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