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Telepresence across half the globe (and over the Internet)

A few days ago we ran an interesting test: a Telepresence session from Slovenia (somewhere in Central Europe for those of you that cannot keep track of all the emerging minicountries) to US West Coast across the Internet. The session crossed numerous Service Providers and at least one VPN tunnel, but the quality was still amazingly good … you can watch it in this YouTube video.

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  1. really amazed to see the performance over 1.55 Mbps link.

  2. yes nice, but what was the bandwidth usage to get this quality ? RTT ? Jitter ?
    what's the resolution of video ?


  3. Comparing to polycom HD over LAN i can't believe that wasn't crafted :)

  4. impressive..but as Niko stated, what was the bw usage to get this quality, rtt, jitter?!? i remember first deploying TP and there documentation said the max is 24M, but later found that its burst able to 30M.

  5. Here are the details we had for this test.
    The resolution is 720p with limited motion handling supported in firmware version 1.6.
    RTT values are in the margins of 180 ms to 200 ms.
    De-jitter buffers on the CTS codecs increase to maximum value of 165 ms.
    Packet loss is more than the first threshold of 1% so we go over it. When the average goes over 10 % for an interval of 12 x 10 sec, we get disconnected.
    Some details:

    -- Video --

    Latency Avg : 0 Period : 0 Currently Active : No Statistics Center Aux
    Tx Media Type H.264 H.264
    Tx Bytes 227658700 0
    Tx Packets 235591 0
    Rx Media Type H.264 H.264
    Rx Bytes 217749019 1500294
    Rx Packets 209640 1423
    Rx Packets Lost 8650 111
    Pkts % Call 3.9626 7.2360
    Pkts % Period 11.2478 9.3220
    Rx Pkts OOO 0 0
    Rx Pkts Dup'd 0 0
    Rx Pkts Late 7 0
    Rx Pkts AuthFail 0 0
    Rx Jitter/Call 120 81
    Rx Jitter/Period 164 65

  6. well... ok video in 720p in h264, so 1280x720, 30 fps ?
    ok for jitter and rtt
    but what about bandwidth usage ?


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