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Overloaded …

Last week I’ve published two posts that deserve a follow-up/summary. Don’t worry, it’s coming. I’ve been extremely busy working on a customized version of the “Market trends in Service Provider networks” presentation that I’m delivering tomorrow … and I’ve managed to stumble across two “interesting” topics involving ITU; the first one is described in the next post and the second one needs a bit more investigation.

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  1. NetAdmininCanada10 November, 2009 01:59

    Will you be sharing your Market trends presentation? I'd love to read it/watch it, it sounds very interesting.
    Thanks in advance,
    Network admin in Canada

  2. Can't. We do training/workshops for a living. But I'll try to organize public (open-enrollment) version of it.

  3. NetworkAdmininCanada18 November, 2009 01:32

    For Free or Fee?

    I don't work for a Telco. I'm an Enterprise admin, but am always interested in knowing the Telco trends, especially as RFP time approaches or when I have budget to improve our network design.


  4. It won't be free ... I have to get some revenue somewhere ;) Will post the link once we have it scheduled.


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