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IPv6 summit in Slovenia

The Slovenian IPv6 summit where I presented my views on IPv6 deployment in enterprise networks was a huge success, with over 130 attendees (not bad for a country with only 2M people) and Martin Levy from Hurricane Electric as the keynote speaker. The event (the program as translated by Google) was organized by fantastic people from the Go6 Institute. Unfortunately the go6 web site is only in Slovenian (try Google translator if you want to be highly amused or totally confused), but you can view my presentation, read the Hurricane Electric press release or browse the photos (I’m in the right-hand picture in the third row).

Someone took notes and posted them on the go6 web site. The notes for Martin’s keynote and my presentation are in English (just search for our names).

Last but not least, if you’re based in Europe and you’d like me to deliver my presentation at your local IPv6 event, send me a message.


  1. Pipi, enormous thnx for being there and participating as presenter and also as member of round table debate. Your input was very valuable and influential.


    Jan Zorz
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