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PPPoE testbed

Following the ADSL QoS discussions, I decided to test “a few” things in the lab. I didn’t want to build a huge lab with DSL modems and DSLAM and decided to emulate an end-to-end DSL network with routers.

Step 1: Create a PPPoE session between a client (SOHO router) and a server (NAS). I’d never configured it before, so I’ve visited uncle Google first. It gave me tons of useless hits (no wonder) and a few somewhat useful ones. All of them used the old VPDN-centric PPPoE syntax. It seems I’ve stumbled across another “niche spot”: PPPoE testbed implemented with recent IOS configuration syntax (bba-group).

Read more in the “PPPoE Testbed” article in the CT3 wiki.


  1. Your setup is useful for PPP and PPPoE related testing, but unless you include the ATM layer between the DSL modem and the BRAS, you won't be able to draw real QoS conclusions.
  2. Little digression, what is the difference between LAC/LNS and BRAS design, apart from L2TP usage?
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