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Goodbye, Blogger comments

I received numerous complaints about the inability to write comments to my blog in the last few weeks. I had comment-related problems for months, but the situation was getting out of control: initially only the Internet Explorer users had (manageable) problems, then it spread to some Firefox users, later it became impossible to submit comments at all and the last marvel in this buggy saga was the “automatic” conversion from Publish request to preview screen. I had enough, Google has yet again proven that you usually get what you pay for.

Today I stumbled across a blog post shared by one of my Facebook friends that mentioned JS-Kit services. I also happened to have a few spare creative hours (one of my appointments was pushed forward) and tried the JS-Kit comments on one of my rarely-visited blogs. After the initial crashes I got it to work and implemented it on the IOS Hints blog. If you’ll experience any problems with the new system, please let me know (get in touch with me via my e-mail web form if you can’t leave a comment).

Notice to NOSCRIPT users: you have to allow scripts from JS-KIT.COM if you want to leave a comment; you should have no problems seeing the already posted ones.


  1. Hopefully this will work better than the Blogger comments.

    I'm pretty sure that the 'embedded' Blogger comments do work all that well. I've stayed with the 'full page' version.

    I looks like the js-kit comments also require to be permitted in noscript.
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