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Quick update: EIGRP next-hop processing works

Quick update: A comment by alvarezp to my EIGRP next-hop post sent me back to the lab. I was spreading wrong rumors ... with the no ip next-hop-self eigrp AS command configured, the next-hop field in the EIGRP updates is used and works as expected in NBMA and route redistribution environments. A detailed post will appear sometime next week.

I would also like to apologize for any confusion I might have caused.

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  1. I've got router in turkey with a GRE tunnel to Belford and Florance. The ISP has made a change to their service and since that time the EIGRP relationship has been loosing the neighbors every 15 minutes on the money. Both neighbors are flapping at the same time!!!! We cannot find any evidence of a circuit issue. Until the root problem is resolved, is there a way to keep the flapping down? I've already increased the hold timers to three minutes.

  2. It's pretty hard to diagnose something like this over a blog. You should really open a case with Cisco TAC or whoever your support partner is.

  3. It also depends on the kind of traffic u pass through between the tunnels. Make sure ur network is not congested and all ur QoS settings are properly tuned.


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