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IP Corner articles in the CT3 Wiki

The monthly IP Corner articles you’re probably already familiar with cover a wide variety of technology or design issues. These articles are targeted at a pretty wide audience and thus don’t go into too many technical details. They’re also static: incorporating reader’s feedback or follow-up information is way harder than editing a Wiki article.

To enable easy integration of the IP corner articles with additional related information I’ve created numerous stub articles in the CT3 Wiki. The entries in the Wiki describe the topic (technology or design solution) covered by the IP corner article and a link to the original text. Follow-up information will be easily added to the Wiki topic.

The names of the Wiki topics reflects the actual technology covered in the related articles, so you’ll find topics like EIGRP Stub Routers instead of Scaling EIGRP networks with stub routers (which does sound better in a monthly mailing). The topics have also been categorized, giving you an insight into the technologies covered by the IP Corner articles.

Please note that this is an ongoing project; not all IP Corner articles have been covered yet.

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