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CRS-1 and IOS XR training

NIL’s Professional Services team has helped several customers in IOS XR planning, design and deployment. In almost all cases, the customer’s network engineers were well versed in core Service Provider technologies and Cisco IOS configuration, but lacked specific IOS XR configuration and maintenance knowledge.

Based on the knowledge gap experienced in these projects, our CCIEs have developed CRS-1 and IOS XR training that focuses on the needs of a typical SP network engineer. The course covers the major core Service Provider technologies, including BGP, OSPF, IS-IS, the MPLS suite (MPLS, MPLS TE, MPLS VPN), QoS, IP Multicast and IPv6, always assuming that the students are familiar with the concepts but need IOS XR-specific configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting skills. Extensive lab exercises are spread throughout the course to help students gain hands-on experience with CRS-1 and IOS XR before deploying them in a live production network.

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