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Video: Layer-3 switching in MPLS VPN sites

What could you do if your MPLS VPN Service Provider offers BGP between PE and CE routers, while the layer-3 switches within your site support only OSPF or RIP? If you’re studying for your CCIE lab exam, you should be able to give me at least two answers in three milliseconds. Unfortunately, most enterprise engineers are not so familiar with BGP or multiple routing protocols in a single network.

To help them, I’ve prepared the next video in my “Introduction to BGP” series. It discussed two design options: two-way redistribution or default routing in the OSPF part of the network. The “Layer-3 switching in an MPLS VPN site” article in the CT3 wiki contains the high-quality video and the network diagram as well as the initial and final router configurations. You can also watch the video served from Vimeo.


  1. Hi, please check the slide at 9:50 min, i have seen this:
    router bgp ospf 1
    default-information originate always
  2. Bugger ... will try to fix it, but it's so hard to fix something in a video.
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