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  1. "Whole internet" must not use ancient IOS on their crap devices.
  2. It's probably more than enough if a single tier-1 ISP does :)
  3. $braindead_upsteam must take a significant part of the blame too, for not implementing appropriate filtering.
  4. i experienced '1" error message, on 1 router, causing no issues, within over 75 routers..

    nothing was wrong with the "whole" internet... cmon now
  5. @Anonymous #1: completely agree

    @Anonymous #2: I believe you. But very probably the amount of BGP traffic was a bit above average, was it not? And a few destinations might have been temporarily unavailable due to BGP session flaps (and resulting dampening).

    But of course I've exaggerated ... that's the whole point of the "priceless" series, isn't it? :))
  6. I have to echo the comments of anon #1, in my 10 years of working with large upstreams, this is the first time I can recall a large provider that did not implement proper filtering... this kind of error is ALL too common, even for people who have a CCIE... (don't get me started on that one ;)
  7. @Mike: you would be surprised by what I've seen in some (admittedly not so very large) ISPs.

    And I've already said in a certification-related discussion that CCIE is an implementation, not a design certification :))
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