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Video: Simple BGP troubleshooting

One of the BGP aspects beginners find most frustrating is the BGP troubleshooting. The simple BGP troubleshooting video covers basic BGP troubleshooting techniques, from EBGP session troubleshooting to route origination and route propagation troubleshooting. The scenario used in the video is a two site MPLS/VPN-based network; obviously you can apply the same procedures to any BGP network.

The Wiki article contains the scenario description, the video and the router configurations, or you can watch the video served from Vimeo.

I guess the BGP beginners are not regular readers of my blog, so I would appreciate if you could spread the word.

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  1. Video is not available
    Could you make it download able please.

  2. @Anonymous: why would you want to download it? You can view it online.

    @Francois: THX :)

  3. hm, i think there are many BGP newbies out there, reading this blog. I´ve found this blog while i was learning for CCNP and that was the first time i´ve contact with BGP.

  4. You can still spread the word :)

  5. Fantastic site Ivan, thank you

  6. Good Stuff 8-)..... Thanks for sharing......


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