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  1. Do you think it has an interest to develop a simulation solution with its own IP stack and protocols like OSPF, LDP, MP-BGP ? Or do you think something like Quagga is sufficient ?
  2. Good stuff. Another method I've used to simulate multiple BGP sources in native IOS is to inject a bunch of routes from a single router, then use AS_PATH prepending to make it look like they're from different sources.
  3. I was probably (one of) the first one(s) using the AS_PATH prepending trick to generate the look-and-feel of a larger Internet in the Advanced BGP course. If I remember correctly, that was somewhere around 1995.

    I'm pretty sure there were not too many people doing that before as the "set as-path prepend" command was brand new when I've started using it :)

    The problem with the AS path prepending is that you cannot control the first AS, so the number of immediately adjacent ASes is equivalent to the number of extra routers you have (unless, of course, you get VRFsmart).
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