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The most popular posts in 2008

The traffic statistics for 2008 are really interesting: the blog’s home page gets almost 20 times as many hits as the first blog post (even visitors using the search engines are seven times more likely to land on the first page than on any other page). This is clearly a side-effect of the platform I use: if you’re a regular visitor, you can read all the content on the blog’s home page (there’s no other way to do it with Blogger).

The most popular individual posts were:

The message is clear: write about easy hacks. Let’s look at some of the most commented posts:

And the winner is: Why I'm no longer an active CCIE. Another clear message: write (preferably controversial) posts about problems or easy hacks.

Don’t worry; the focus of my blog will stay unchanged. I’m more interested in having fun writing it than in attracting large crowds.

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