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The death of VoIP?

In another great example of “investigative journalism”, Network World is asking whether the VoIP is dead (and I guess I’ll never make it to their top-20 list again). Regardless of their sensationalistic approach, take your time and read the original articles they quote (Part 1, Part 2). What the original author claims (and I don’t think you can disagree with him) is that VoIP has turned from hot technology to plumbing faster than some people would like. Whether that’s bad or not depends on the perspective … what’s yours?


  1. In some banks, OS/2 and token-ring are found in isolated pockets. Given that, it would be no surprise that these guys will continue to run their TDM systems for another 15 years. They have no business case for VoIP.
  2. None of the articles referred to discuss the use of VOIP for internal communications. That market is still growing.
  3. I recently read this article and was amazed that Network World has decided to pass itself off now as a "shock & awe" tabloid. As a Senior Architect for a mid-cap bank ($13B), we are actively involved in the early stages of a large VoIP rollout. Wrong decision? I highly think not.

    The decision to go VoIP, like very other technology, must be based on sound business & architectural principles, not just trade-mag fad ideology. It must be a fit for your specific business, it must pass the grade on the ROI modeling, the run rate calculations and most importantly, you need to have an excellent grasp of your current architecture.

    We have spent years designing and implementing our infrastructure to support all aspects of VoIP and for our model, VoIP makes perfect sense. Making sense on the financial, technological, & even ideological model is important to please all aspects of the expense & effort to go VoIP.

    VoIP technology and its advantages will continue to deliver, but looks like with the current economy in question, it more than ever will require excellent engineering prowess & extremely sound business case practices.

  4. It's a well written article.Voice over IP has been implemented in various ways using both proprietary and open protocols and standards.
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