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Cisco AXP Developer Contest

Do you have a great idea what a router should be able to do, but you cannot make it work because you can't tweak router's embedded management tools (including Tcl)? Here is an opportunity you shouldn't miss: enroll in the Cisco AXP Developer Contest. Even if you're absolutely positive that having an extra Linux server sitting next to the router is better than a router blade (and some Linux pundits had lots to say on the topic), sending your ideas to Cisco won't cost you more than a few moments of your time and an e-mail ;)

And, BTW, mundane (but nonetheless highly useful) ideas like »visual policy map editor« or truly integrated DNS/DHCP server probably won't get you very far (that's why I'm not applying :).

Full disclosure: I was kindly asked if I could help spreading the word about the contest, but all the enthusiasm is exclusively mine.


  1. I emailed them my idea after reading you post. I hope there is not a situation at Cisco where someone self destructs after reading my Vogan poetry.
  2. What did you propose? Building Infinite Improbability routing offload with the Net::Tachyon library?
  3. Everyone knows you can not do infinite improbability routing offload on an AXP. That can only be done on a seperate LINUX box!
    I have decided on something easier and have implemented Harry Potter's magical objects on the AXP
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