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  1. Does the link work for anyone? I get a corrupt file that can't be opened.
  2. I just clicked the "Download the document ..." link in IE7 and FF2 after clearing their caches.

    The first page that opens contains a snapshot of the PDF in JPG format. If I click the snapshot or the link below it, I get the PDF in the browser window rendered by Adobe Acrobat.

    What's your experience? What browser/OS platform are you using?

  3. Ivan,
    My apologies....I just tried IE7 and it worked. I normally use FF3 with the pdf downloader plugin.
  4. Hey, cheat sheets are my territory, Pepelnjak!

    I kid. =) Beautifully done! (Downloaded with no problem for me.)
  5. Thanks, Stretch !!! Coming from an expert, it means even more to me ;)
  6. Hi Ivan
    You have some misprint in MPLS_VPN_cheatsheet.pdf document.
    Please verify section "Running BGP with the customer" and "Static routes"
  7. Got it. Thanks. Will fix.
  8. I have IOS c2600-adventerprisek9-mz.124-18a but when I try to us mpls ip in an interface IOS is not giving me the mpls option...any advice? :(
  9. Obviously MPLS is no longer available on a 2600 (and it was never officially supported anyway). It was working for quite some time with earlier IOS releases, but it looks like they ran into code size limits and something had to go.
  10. It seems the file is missing
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