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Social networking sites?

To break this week's RIP monotony (for those that are persuaded RIP should have died long ago :), I've added another Readers' poll (and let's hope Our friends @ Google don't mess it up again), this time focusing on the social networking sites used by networking professionals.

I've joined LinkedIn a while ago and it was a great tool to get back in touch with my friends and business partners, but it has limited features (for example, I would like to get something similar to my About page). I'm also wondering whether to start experimenting with MySpace or Facebook and I want to take in account what you're using, so it will be easier to get in touch (I always hate registering at yet-another-site). So, any experience you are willing to share will be really appreciated.


  1. I can recommend you "Facebook". It's really nice organized network. I can say many things about it and all they would be positive. So, just try it. I am sure that you would not regret ;-)
  2. Facebook is too invasive for me. It wants to take over your entire Internet experience and too many people let that happen. Thus I stopped. (And please, as if sending a 'snowglobe' makes you interesting....)

    In turn, this turned me off the whole Social Networking thing. I can't 'get into it' becuase it makes no sense (and maybe becuase it sucks up so much time). After a while I also realised that no one I know uses it either, not work colleagues, not bloggers or readers of me blog.

    So I stopped at Linked In which I use to keep in touch with Professional people, and doesn't try to invade your life so much. Keep it simple.
  3. I use Linkedin for work and Facebook for personal. I have a few datacom-type hooks in facebook, but in general I don't think of it as a professional resource.
  4. Linkedin for professional stuff, FB and MySpace for personal though I try to keep their usage minimal.
  5. I think social networking and how people want to engage is a personal decision. Just like old school "in-person" networking, people choose how they want to engage. The same concept should simply be applied to online social networking. You choose your own boundaries, based on your comfort level and what you want to get out of the engagement. Just how people are different, their engagement within social networks will also differ.
  6. i use myspace for friends i see out drinking, and facebook for family and associates and people who i work with who i'd like to keep in touch

    generally, myspace is full of kids, like bebo. facebook may have some appeal for your purposes, but i generally consider it too invasive privacy-wise, and wouldn't join a group just because i read a blog like this

    i consider the web presence you have here on the blog and the corporate wiki to be good. if people wish to engage in discussion about cisco technology, i can see use in it being categorised (like in a forum), or just quick instant help (like an irc channel)
  7. Hello, Ivan.
    I'd say it really depends. What is your expectations from social networking? If you want to participate in discussions and find interesting people to connect it might be linkedin. The problem with it - limited functionality comparing to facebook. There is no ability to share some video or photos, as well as create some event and invite people.
    So, as usual right question it's at least half of answer. :)
  8. I use LinkedIn for professional and Myspace for friends. It seems to work pretty well as long as you don't get sucked into all of the extra applications on Myspace. I have some limited success with making contacts through LinkedIn and I have even received a few job offers.
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