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Control and Data planes in a router

Every now and then I feel the need to write a very basic article, explaining the foundations and getting the terminology straight. Today I’m trying to explain the control and data planes in a router (or a layer-3 switch, depending on your marketing bias). Your opinions, fixes, corrections and all other comments are most welcome.

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  1. YES YES YES! There should be more of these articles coming. There are more than CCIEs reading here.

  2. Hi; as always this article is much appreciated. I don't mean to be nitpicking here but shouldn't the following line be corrected?

    "They can pre-compute the actual forwarding data for every destination and store them in the forwarding table that can be directly used by the CONTROL plane."

  3. @Anonymous: thanks for the heads-up. I'll do my best :)

    @Netadminion: You're absolutely right. Thanks for the correction, I've fixed the text.


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