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Using network with RIP

According to Cisco IOS documentation, the network RIP router configuration command accepts a major network number (without subnets) as its parameter. The common wisdom says that you have to list all major networks attached to your router if you want to run RIP on all interfaces. You could get the same results by using network router configuration command.

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  1. That surprises me. I would have thought that it would have advertised on any interface whose network was I typed the command on my router and it did advertise on all interfaces.

  2. Yes, that works, I tried it with IOS 12.3 and 12.3T.
    BUT: As far as I can remember it worked only if the command was entered while the router was running but not after a reload. After a reload, the command was still in the startup- and running-config but the routing didn't work.
    You had to re-enter the command to get it running...

    But who cares about RIP "Rest In Peace" Routing... ;-)

  3. And if there exists a default route in the routing table, the statement "network" would inject a default route into the RIP domain apart from advertising all interfaces.



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