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The total failure of Blogger poll

The “What's your network size” poll was a total failure. Either Blogger messed up completely (before you ask: I did not get any response from the Google help groups or Blogger support) or someone was actively playing with the poll results (I guess that would not be so easy to do and would require significant creativity, so I wonder who would be willing to invest the time and energy into this). Anyhow, this is the nonsense I've got at the end of the poll:The last time I've looked at the results that made sense (around 300 votes), the spread was approximately 40% SP, 40% large enterprise, 15% SMB, 5% SOHO.

In my opinion, this failure is another proof that you have to pay for reliable service (regardless of what Google would like you to think) ... time to move to my own Wordpress server.


  1. Playing with the poll results is very easy task. Simply discard cookies & change IP address (disconnect then reconnect).
    No creativity required :)
  2. Stuffing the ballot box is easy. Ensuring all four options have identical number of votes regardless of actual visitor voting requires creativity :)
  3. But the votes shown at close aren't perfectly spread...
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