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Public servers in a small multihomed site

If you want to deploy high-availability public servers within your network, you should implement proper multi-homing solution including BGP routing with the Service Providers. If you don't have your own public IP address space and your own AS number, you should try to become multihomed to one ISP (or change your ISP if they don't know what you're talking about). If you want to be multi-homed to two ISPs using techniques similar to the ones I've described in the Small-Site Multi-Homing article, you should be using a hosted service (they're probably cheaper than your time), not your own public server.

But if you still insist (like numerous readers of my articles) to deploy public servers on a site multi-homed via NAT, you'll find the design and implementation guidelines in my latest IP Corner article Servers in Small Site Multi-homing.

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  1. I thought your line was very funny:

    (or change your ISP if they don't know what you're talking about).

    Do we still have smaller ISPs today that still don't know this?
  2. You would be amazed at what some smaller ISPs still don't know :)
  3. This is exactly what im looking for with a customer, however trying to mix in HA Site-to-Site VPN & NAT, So with having two "ip nat static interface XXX ... overload " and using the route maps with the match interface i cannot get the VPN going as i need the nonat acl, so tried adding to the route-map "match ip ACL" but still not working, wondering if anyone has got this working as im trying, cheers
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