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IOS hints Wiki is part of NIL Community

The careful visitors of my Wiki have probably noticed subtle changes in its design, particularly the logo in the upper-left corner. When we launched NIL community, my Wiki became an official part of it. I'm positive this change will result in even more high-quality content, as other experts within NIL will contribute to the wiki. The wiki will go beyond Cisco (we provide end-to-end solutions including servers, Vmware, one-time password solutions and network management tools), so we've changed the name from Ciscopedia to Communications Technologies Tips and Tricks which has a nice acronym CT3.

I would also kindly ask those of you who link to my Wiki to use the new URL (, not the old one ( I've set up automatic redirects, but it's better to use the final URL (it also improves the response time for the end-users).


  1. Is that a good idea? Before, you were "yeah, that guy that keeps the cool ioshints blog and oh btw works for NIL"

    Now it's "the NIL wiki on a bunch of stuff and also Cisco content"

    I think you actually devaluated the whole deal - before you could throw in some NIL advertising which was related to Cisco stuff.

    Now we Cisco users would need to wade thru stuff to get to the Cisco content we used to come here for.

    So . . . was it a good idea?
  2. If you would have taken the time to go through the actual content of the Wiki, you would notice that it currently contains solely Cisco-related articles. If you complained a few months after the change when Wiki got polluted with Microsoft Office installation guidelines (which will not happen, as you would be able to discover if you would have checked the list of engineers I've quoted in the post), you would have a point.

    But rest assured, whatever happens, the value-for-price will still stay infinite (based on how much anonymous readers pay go get this content :).
  3. I guess I should now throw a tantrum, and swear I would never read your blog again ? :)

    Ivan, it saddens me that you decided to be condescending:

    "But rest assured, whatever happens, the value-for-price will still stay infinite (based on how much anonymous readers pay go get this content"

    I used to drop by and read your post - YOUR posts - but then now I show up and I have to skip thru posts I care about . . . nothing about.

    But hey, your blog, your rules. Might want to run yet-another-poll in a couple months to see how your fan base liked the change ;)
  4. To start with, I was not condescending ... I was in a completely different mood :))

    No matter what, the blog will stay as it is (and I might elaborate a bit more about the whats and whys). If you'd like to continue the discussion (and I have nothing against a lively exchange of ideas), send me an e-mail (click on the "About the author" link in the top menu bar and follow the link "Send a message to Ivan").
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