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Routing protocol usage

The results of the routing protocol poll are in. As expected, OSPF is more popular than EIGRP (60:40 ratio), with IS-IS having significant presence (primarily large SP networks, I would assume) and some people using RIP in the edges of the network.

What really surprised me was the very large percentage of users using BGP. Either BGP is becoming very popular in the enterprise networks or most of the readers are coming from Service Provider environments.And last but not least, it looks like I'm focusing on the topics (BGP and OSPF) that you actually use in your networks (or maybe it's a self-fulfilling prophecy and you read my blog because I write about topics that you're interested in :).


  1. I think BGP is being used for people multihoming their sites onto the Internet, hence the explosion in the size of the Internet Routing table and /24 advertisements.
  2. BGP usage has taken off in the Enterprise due to the migration to MPLS from frame/ATM. In my experience, many companies have taken paths to avoid BGP, only to find later that it provides the best solution in an MPLS-based network, and especially in a dual-carrier MPLS environment.
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