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X.25 anyone?

The last time I've configured X.25 on a router was probably 10 years ago, but based on features recently added to Cisco IOS it looks like the technology is still around somewhere … so I'm wondering: do you still use it in your network? Please respond to this week's readers' poll.


  1. SP killed X.25-only networks a year ago in my country.
    However, there still are X.25 devices around so using XOT.
  2. Large part of ATM's are working via X.25 networks only on very-old network equipment. Some SP's use XoT, some - old native networks, I know in my small town (there I burn) two dial-number of PAD and it works.
  3. I work in the payment card industry. We still do XOT to support certain types of payment terminals.
  4. Not in use anymore, going for DWDM platform. That's the future of high speed connectivity.

    Wan T
  5. I configured a C1841 with X.25 to interface a PAD a month ago, as we migrated away from a X.25-only satellite link to a new TCP/IP satellite link. X.25 is still used in my medium-sized network a couple of places, to connect field equipment with serial interfaces to servers in the data center (X.25 over TCP). But X.25 will certainly be replaced by IP as soon as older field equipment is replaced.
  6. I used to work in the cellular industry, and X.25 was (is?) quite popular there. XOT got you talking to the cell switches and voicemail platform in those days, but I have no clue what's used now. I haven't seen X.25 since then.
  7. I work in the E911 industry, and X.25 is still massively in use there (primarily by ILECs to support location information queries). I was rather surprised to see it in the job description when I applied...
  8. Will CMNS count as X.25 ?
  9. Wow, this is the first time I've ever heard of someone using CMNS. Could you tell us more?
  10. Well...
    It wasn't something special. It was mainly very close to the Cisco X.25 to CMNS example. Only one host (some big HP machine iirc) was able to talk CMNS natively. The rest of CMNS network was used solely to extend X.25 network over dedicated (V)LAN. I don't remember why we do not use XOT but it was a reason to do it that way.
  11. One day I tried to play with CMNS PAD between two routers over LAN in my lab to check how much I remember from these old days. Unfortunately even if Cisco Feature Navigator say that some ISR routers still supports CMNS the CSCse39205 bug is present in Advanced Enterprise Services IOS images.
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