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Browser trivia

I've started using Google Analytics just over a year ago, so I could do a nice analysis on which browsers my visitors are using compared to the situation a year ago. Firefox gained almost 10% market share while Internet Explorer has lost 13%.In the same period, the number of visits has increased by a factor of five. Not bad for an extremely geeky blog :)


  1. Hi,

    Just a word to thank you for your blog, it's really interesting (I check it every day) and I always learn something with it :)
  2. Thanks, Ivan. I like your blog because it's so "geeky" and it's easy to follow :-)

    Thanks a lot.
  3. It's worth noting that Google Analytics doesn't typically capture all your traffic. A good number of readers, especially in such a tech-savvy demographic, are likely to have browser plugins like NoScript or Adblock which may be preventing the GA Javascript from being executed and thus not registering as a hit. GA underreporting by ten or twenty percent isn't uncommon.
  4. I only have 1 thing to say on a Friday night, well actually a Saturday morning in response to this chart:
  5. Thanks for all the positive feedback :) It really helps me when I'm overloaded or low on energy!

    @stretch: thanks for the info. I did not realize NoScript was so widespread. As I also use statcounter (which uses IMG tags if the JavaScript is disabled), I'll try to compare the two.

    @whisper: you've made my day ;)
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