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CCNP Bootcamp

If you want study for your CCNP certification by attending live instructor-led courses, you'll have to spend four weeks in a classroom. That's "a bit" too much for some of our customers, so we've been asked to create a shorter version of the courses, resulting in a 2-week very intensive bootcamp structure.

The CCNP Bootcamp Part 1 combines the content of the first two prerequisite courses for CCNP: Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks (BSCI) and Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks (BCMSN). It's an intensive combination of lecture and practice covering routing protocols and LAN switching.

The CCNP Bootcamp Part 2 combines the content of the second two prerequisite courses for CCNP: Implementing Secure Converged Wide Area Networks (ISCW) and Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks (ONT). This one obviously contains lecture and practice covering secure remote access into core networks using VPN technologies (such as MPLS VPN and IPsec VPN), network security, Quality of Service (QoS) for optimized voice transport as well as wireless security.


  1. I'm a no fan of quickie CCNP. I just can't understand how can a person understand the whole CCNP routing and switching level with as little as CCNA background.

    People might try to justify the training expense from their office of even try to justify he/she have been in training so people can call 'em CCNP. Nope, sorry. It does not come with training. It should come with understanding.
  2. I agree with David in a sense. There is a huge gap between the CCNP and CCNA both conceptually and practically.

    I was in a rush to try and get my CCNP but I think I am going to slow down to make the concepts sink in a lot more deeply.

    However employers do see the letters and assume sometimes that the person is better which may not always be the case.

    But this is not a new conundrum
  3. Hi Ivan

    I don't see any prices for these!

    How much do they cost?

    Or is it a case of, if I have to ask, it too much for you! :)
  4. @Whisper: thanks for the feedback. Escalated the issue.

    @David+anonymous: thanks for your perspective. I partially agree with you, but it all depends (as always :) from where you're coming and where you're going. I'll wait a bit to see if there are any more comments in this direction and then try to explain my views on "quick CCNP".
  5. Ivan

    How involved were you in writing the content for this course?
  6. I found the prices Ivan

    No matter.

    It looks like it really was a case of if I have to ask....
  7. @Whisper: can we discuss this off-line? Send me an e-mail using the "Send a message to Ivan" link from or let me know how to reach you.

    Thx Ivan
  8. I personally don't look as the camps as opportunity to learn the technology but rather a quick way for people with industry experience to brush up on knowledge and to gain a certification that can make a difference with prospective employers.

    It's one thing to reference your experience in a resume and a completely different one to demonstrate that you have the technical aptitude to attain a industry wide respected certification status.

    Just my two cents.
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