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The wonders of machine translations

Today's check of who quotes (and who copies :) my content brought me a "hidden gem": I've discovered a web site that performs automatic translation between any pair of almost 30 languages.

So, if you have nothing better to do and have already checked your daily Dilbert, here's something that will literally make you ROFL: use the machine translation of my blog posts (or any other web page that is technical enough to contain words with "unexpected" meanings) into various European languages. You could start from the form that appears on top of each translated page (just enter URL and select the target language) or you could try the BGP communities post translated into German for starters.

But even if you speak no other language than English, don't despair ... this software does wonders in English-to-English translation as well. Check, for example, my When OSPF Becomes a Distance Vector Protocol post translated to English.


  1. Amazing. That German Translation is almost poetry. Granted, dadaist poetry, but still poetry.
  2. My favorite is in English-English translation.
    How you translate 'site feed'?
    With 'situation eating' of course. It looks like a quite long way for automated translators.
  3. "CISCO SMALLNESS WITH DECEPTION" - I think this translation is VERY deceptive. :D
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